The HTC Fetch is for losers

The HTC Fetch is for losers

Are you a loser? I don’t mean a pasty geek who spends hours obsessing over mobile phones then writing about them on the internet, I mean someone who misplaces their phone. Well, either of the above may be interested in the HTC Fetch.

It’s basically a keyfob that beeps at you if you move more than 15 metres away from the HTC phone to which it is paired. When I say ‘you’ I mean your keyfob, so if you leave your phone and keys behind then you’re still shafted!

Assuming you’ve got your Fetch, but not your phone then it even has a map feature that helps you locate the escapee.

It can act as a remote shutter trigger for the phone’s camera, which is a nice touch.

One other feature is that if you’re on a date (see above for why this doesn’t apply to me) and you don’t like your suiter then you can fake a call by pressing a button on the Fetch. Handy? You tell me.

One thing HTC aren’t shouting about is how this is a good alert if someone lifts your phone and tries to make off with it. That seems like the best application for it to me.

The only slight confusion is about compatibility, as the HTC site states that it’s for the One Mini, Butterfly S and One Max. Surely they can’t exclude the One owners from this essential add-on?!

We’ve seen other versions of the same thing from the likes of Motorola recently, and I’m sure JML probably do something similar, but if you think you’re going to lose your HTC One Max (somehow) and you want a matching accessory you need look no further.

More details are below in the HTC press release, just click the big blue button.

Oh, and Clove are taking pre-orders for the HTC Fetch at £29.99.