Next Stop…Who Knows!

Next Stop…Who Knows!

The world of smartphones never ceases to evolve, even if the pace of the innovations may have slowed a little. The big question is where next for smartphones?

We have pretty much established who the key players are in the marketplace and although we do have choices of systems & handsets it’s quite safe to say that Android & IOS lead the way with a significant market presence.

Today, I sat thinking to myself what would I personally love to see from a smartphone in the future. I’m not too bothered about the novelty features phones offer like Samsung’s “Smart Stay” and “Smart Scroll”, I want something that is really going to captivate me, something that I would use time after time.

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Then it dawned on me, it’s not anything new as such, but I’m sure it would be something many users would definitely find useful. I was browsing a website on my HTC One and came to a page where I had to fill in an application form which had a specification sheet I had to refer to. This would have been quite difficult to do on my HTC One and I thought wouldn’t it be pretty cool if there was a way to “dock” my smartphone and turn it into a Laptop.

Imagine docking your phone and continuing where you left off and maybe using the phone as a second screen. In my case filling in the application online while using the smartphone as a second screen to refer to the specification sheet, how about docking your phone and browsing the internet while using your handset to play and control music. Surely I am not alone in seeing how useful this could be?

As I say, it’s not a brand new concept, Asus have a similar sort of thing minus the second screen concept with the Padfone Infinity series and Ubuntu have this exact concept integrated into their emerging smartphone operating system, but surely this is an avenue Apple & Google should be exploring?

Next Stop…Who Knows!

The slowing sales of laptops and desktop PC’s is apparent but surely there is a strong opportunity to branch out and bridge the gap between the smartphone and the desktop PC and Laptop.

But I can dream, and for now I will have to stick to the skipping between my phone and a laptop. But who knows maybe a Google or Apple Exec will be reading this and run back to the Android and IOS wizards and we will see the fruition of something exciting!

What would our readers like to see in the continuing evolution of the smartphone?