Ubuntu A Winner?



Ubuntu A Winner?

More famed as a Linux Distro, Ubuntu dared to venture into the Android & Apple dominated world of smartphone operating systems. By the looks of the demonstration videos I have seen so far it looks quite a refreshing venture!

Yesterday Ubuntu announced the availability of a stable version of the OS for the Nexus 4, but be warned it could be a tricky process and should only be for the braver more experienced user or developer to try at their own risk.

Ubuntu recently had tried to generate funding for the development of a handset dubbed “Ubuntu Edge” via a crowd sourcing initiative. It ultimately failed due to their ambitious target to reach $32m (£19.8m), but this hasn’t halted their goal, as rumours point to talks between the developers and several OEM’s.

An interesting feature of the OS is the ability to dock the phone where it becomes a fully fledged thin client PC. Something that would no doubt appeal to a potentially huge audience. I myself am very tempted to purchase a Nexus 4 just to try this.

Ubuntu A Winner?

Only time will tell if Ubuntu can make an impact and bring something fresh, exciting and innovative to the industry. I will definitely be keeping tabs on this myself.

In the meantime enjoy the demonstration video below….

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tL9g-v4ngqE’]