Got an iPhone 5c on 4G? You’re probably the only one

Got an iPhone 5c on 4G? Youre probably the only one

When we first saw the iPhone 5s and 5c we had a small worry. Deep down we knew that the Apple brand was so strong that people really wouldn’t want the “second best” and today Reuters have reported that people seem to be preferring the 5s over the 5c.

Apple has told manufacturers that it will reduce orders for the 5c version in Q4, so it would seem that the more expensive iPhone 5s is the preferred option. However, we’ve seen details that show 79% of iPhone 5s orders are actually for cheaper 3G plans instead of 4G plans, where the other 21% of orders sit.

Yes, 4G is faster and more responsive. Yes, the coverage is getting better by the day but, and it is a big but, there’s an additional cost to pay for this and many are worried about those data caps. It’s all too easy to go over these data limits, and all too easy to get charged for it too. Many, it has to be said, are quite happy to keep the 3G service they’ve used for years. It works and it’s sufficient for many, so I doubt it’s a cost issue – more of a considered choice.

With 3G prices for the iPhone 5c starting at £32 and 4G at £37, there isn’t a huge difference in cost. However, it appears to show that people are happy enough with 3G speeds.