A Thing of Beauty!

A Thing of Beauty!

Everyone loves a bit of individuality. We see it every day all around us, our clothes our accessories and now, even our smartphones are an extension of our personalities. Whether we admit it or not we all like a touch of something that differentiates us from the crowd (except if you are an iPhone drone of course).

Smartphones have come a long way from what they once were and I clearly remember the sheer excitement when I managed to change the operator logo on my Nokia 3210. Anyone remember that? Changing the ringtone to the Beverley hills cop theme tune in midi format? Those were the days.

Now phone customisation has come a long way indeed. From homescreen launchers to icons and widgets, MP3 ringtones and RSS feeds, the sheer amount of options is vast and finding that “perfect” setup is both addictive and time consuming… but rewarding.

Being a fan of “pimping my phone” I stumbled across something whilst on my YouTube account. An app called Themer” developed by the very talented and creative people at mycolorscreen.com. It’s a homescreen customisation application and one that has really captured the imagination, with a huge amount of themes and options.

The best way to explain the concept is to show you so take a look at the video below…

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKfnzawQFYU’]

Having checked it out for myself this morning the first theme that caught the attention of us at coolsmartphone was the “Windows Phone 8” inspired layout. I must say, it is rather good.

Currently there are 50 themes available with more planned for the future. Watch this space!

A Thing of Beauty!A Thing of Beauty!

This app is definitely worth checking out. A big well done to Mycolorscreen for developing such a wonderful way of customising your smartphone.

Check their website or try it on Google Play.