The new Kindle Fire HDX includes a little extra….person

The new Kindle Fire HDX includes a little extra....person

I’m stuck! What do I do?! Help!

It’s a common scenario. Tablets are now all over the place and even your Grandparents have one. It’s a support nightmare, and as the family “IT guy”, you’ll be getting calls to fix “the tablet thingy” for years to come.

Amazon have a solution inside their new Kindle Fire HDX. It’s a little person.

No, not one of those little Lego characters, this is a virtual on-demand connection to an Amazon support person. If an owner is having trouble with their device, they just hit a button and a helper will appear. That button isn’t “Help” or “I’m a bit stuck”. It’s a button marked…..

The new Kindle Fire HDX includes a little extra....person

If you whack the Mayday button a tech advisor will pop on the screen. The advisor is available 24/7, 365 and you can see them right there, on the screen. Don’t worry, they won’t be able to see you sitting there in your Christmas onesie though. The Amazon expert can guide you through a feature and can even draw on your screen to help.

The best bit? It’s free!

Now, I’ll be honest. I’ve had a bit of experience calling Amazon customer support after buying a Kindle Fire HD for a relative. I’ve got to admit, they were really rather good. So, if you’re looking for a gift idea this year and are worried that your friend or relative will be constantly ringing you for “Tech Support”, this could be your solution.