Tesco Mobile launches 4G

Tesco Mobile launches 4G
Tesco Mobile have just announced their 4G offering.

With the slightly cheeky tag line of “cheapest premium on the market”, 4G on Tesco’s Mobile will cost you an extra £2.50 a month on top of your current contract. This 4G premium can be added at any time, or taken off at any time too, should you not find it to your liking. There’s no increase in data for that, just increase in speed.

And why is the tag line a bit cheeky? Well although £2.50 a month is cheaper than the more typical £5 extra from most of the other operators, let’s not forget Three aren’t charging any premium at all for 4G – its free, including All You Can Eat data. Whilst we are still a few weeks away from Three’s 4G roll out beginning, Tesco Mobile uses O2 – so if you don’t live in London, you won’t have 4G coverage either at the moment. So that on/off premium might be quite handy…


Here’s the press release for full details

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