Get a free, real, disposable number in seconds

Get a free, real, disposable number in seconds
Imagine, if you will, that you’re a very attractive female. Now, before I lose you entirely, I want you to imagine the hassle you’re going to get from blokes. They’re going to try and chat you up endlessly and, if you’re too polite to tell them to “do one”, you’ll probably be giving out a fake phone number.

Here’s some shots of what to expect, or you can just go ahead and give it a try.

Perhaps you’re popular for another reason. You could be shockingly handsome like me, or you could be a famous person. You might just be wanting a temporary phone number to use for an eBay listing or something else. Sure, you could go out and get a few pay monthly phones or you could get a raft of Pay As You Go SIM cards so that you’re not always hassled on your main line, but there’s now another way.

A new iOS app called “RingMeMaybe” is now available and it’ll let you create a real number in just 5 seconds. These numbers link to your phone and work just like a real number, but you can tag each number so you can relate it to certain projects. Cool huh? So, for example, if you’re renting your house, doing some online dating or selling a car, you can instantly see what they’re calling about.

It’s all VoIP based so you can receive calls when you’re abroad on WiFi and it’ll effectively turn your iPod into a working phone too. The pricing isn’t bad either, you can create two numbers in just 5 seconds for free. Additional disposable numbers for just 99c, and there’s a lovely video below to show it all in action..

Update – We’re trying to find out if this provides US numbers only.

Reporting by Ben Williams