Want to see a 7 minute video of the new Nexus 5?

Thought so…


My first impressions are that the phone looks dreadful, the OS is laggy and the version number says KeyLimePie. Hmmm… So what exactly are we seeing here?

It’s almost certainly a prototype handset that was filmed a while ago (hence KeyLimePie not KitKat). Maybe even the FCC certification model that had some blurry-cam photos taken of it and leaked around the interweb. I think that a lot of the video was playing in very slight slow motion, which would account for the apparent lagginess.

There’s no branding on the phone itself, although a sticker on the back clearly says LG, but there’s definitely no buttons sticking out the back (not that we’d expect such gimmicks on a thoroughbred Nexus).

What is clear is that we do see a pair of downward firing stereo speakers and the about phone menu confirms that it will be known as the Nexus 5, not the rumoured Nexus 4 2013 we heard about.

This particular handset seems to have 16GB of storage with 12GB free, which seems par for the course on a Vanilla build, although I personally hope there’s going to be a 32GB version.

As far as translating what we see here to the final product I’d say very little: the Android build is relatively old and the casing etcetera is unfinished, but it does look like a 5″-ish device made by LG, so the innards could well be very similar to the G2 that’s wooing the mobile press at the moment.

Has this set your Nexus glads raging? Could this be your next phone? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source – Smartphones.sfr.fr