TubeMate – Downloading YouTube videos on your Android

TubeMate   Downloading YouTube videos on your Android

Ahh screw it. I’m going to let you know about because, let’s face it, there’s only about 12 people that don’t know about this particular app.

Now, come close to the screen my dear friends. Closer. Closer… Hey have you been eating onions? So, if you want to get some tunes onto your phone you could, if you want, spend actual money. Yeah, I know. CrAzY hUh!?

If, however, you choose not to spend any money and “permanently borrow” those tunes, you have a few other options. First, you could “make an off-site backup” with one of those “music finder” apps that litter Google Play. They’ll possibly install a gerzillion pop-up adverts on your phone and may actually make your phone explode.*

TubeMate   Downloading YouTube videos on your Android

You could, instead, download TubeMate. It downloads YouTube videos. Simple. You can download in various formats or convert it to an MP3 in seconds. If, fir example, you want to get that MDNGHT – Into The Night track, it’s just a matter of firing up your YouTube app on the phone, finding the tune, tapping “Share” and then selecting TubeMate. It’ll download it, then – within seconds – you’ve got the tune on your phone! Woohhh… Easy huh?! **

The trouble is that TubeMate isn’t on Google Play. You have to download it from TubeMate or one of the mirrors as an APK and then ensure that your phone is allowed to install apps from outside of the Google Play store (a simple Settings tweak).

Why is TubeMate not on Google Play? Google owns YouTube and they don’t allow any other YouTube downloader apps. Simple as. Trouble is, if you do slip onto Google Play and search for “TubeMate” there’s a heap of trash apps eager to grab your attention. They’re all bobbins.

TubeMate   Downloading YouTube videos on your Android

TubeMate   Downloading YouTube videos on your Android

So, as I’m in a strange mood today, I’ll give you some advice. If you want to stay on the right side of the tracks, use Google Play Music or some other official music app where the money goes to the artists in question. However, if you want to download the music video that you’ve watched (and listened to) a million times on YouTube, go get TubeMate.

I’m tired of pretending it doesn’t exist, because it does.

* It won’t do this. No.

** This is probably totally illegal, but if major labels are going to stick high quality videos on YouTube with crystal-clear audio then, hey, someone somewhere will be doing this.