Puff your hardest. Broadband on trains might actually occur “soon”

I shouldn’t really say broadband should I? I mean, any sort of stable connectivity would be a start. Perhaps even the ability to make a call that lasts more than 20 seconds? That’d be good.

Today the Department for Transport has announced that 70% of rail passengers will have access to “high speed broadband” by…. errr… 2019.

Yes. 2019. Everything Everywhere plan to have 70% of the population bathed on 4G by the end of this year (roughly a year after starting), but it’s going to take nearly 6 years for Network Rail to cover 70% of their passengers with data connectivity.

Puff your hardest. Broadband on trains might actually occur soon

Currently, unless you’re traveling on a Virgin train with a cell booster, getting any sort of anything is hit and miss. Those who are crammed in the two standard-class carriages (whilst eight first class carriages remain empty) have to make do with playing Angry Birds.

Network Rail are currently implementing a £1.9 billion digital communications network which will be capable of handling up to 192000 Gbps next year. In-train boosters will then allow more bandwidth per passenger. Mobile networks and Network Rail will be working together to implement the solution.

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