Humble Bundle 2 out now

Humble Bundle 2 out now
The idea of a Humble Bundle is that you can buy 4 games for however much you want and choose how to split the money between the developers and charity. If you donate more than the average (currently $4.52) then you get 2 free games as well.

The games also include extra soundtracks, more of which are unlocked for donating more than average. This is the second mobile Humble Bundle and it is exclusive for Android.

Games included in this bundle are:

  • Punch quest – an arcade style beat-em up which gives you the chance to ride a laser firing dinosaur (63p on Play store)
  • Bloons TD 5 – a tower defence game with over 250 random levels (£1.90 on Play store)
  • Time surfer – an endless running game with the ability to rewind time when you make mistakes, new onto Play store at 69p
  • Star command – a spaceship adventure sim, brand new and not currently on Play store

If you pay more than the average then you also get:

  • Carmageddon – a violent driving game (£1.49 on Play store)
  • Ravensword: Shadowlands – a massive open world RPG (currently £4.49 on the Play store)

If you like the look of these and fancy buying and donating then head over to the source link. No list of supported devices yet but hopefully it will be updated soon. The bundle is available until 7pm on the 9th of October.