Samsung to unveil premium “F” range of handsets

Samsung to unveil premium F range of handsets

Based on how popular the iPhones 5s is compared to the iPhone 5c, I’m guessing that premium and highly-priced handsets are still more attractive to many. People would rather save and show off, rather than go for a budget device. So, news that Samsung is to introduce a “luxurious range” of handsets could be just the thing to compete, with “industry sources” stating that Samsung will launch a Premium “F” range of handsets at the very top end of the market.

Not a great deal is known just yet, but if we’re translating the ETNews website properly, you’ll see a high megapixel camera and all-metal case. These handsets will go alongside the Galaxy S range, so you may see the Samsung Galaxy F4 or F5, who knows.

More as we get it.

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  • Paul

    Just my opinion but the more handsets Samsung release, the more they have to support and the longer users have to wait for those all important updates.

    Does Samsung really need to release “fine, polished, premier” handsets?

    Are they admitting their existing range is cheap and flimsy and they feel the need to improve them with higher quality materials?

    Personally, and I’m not sure why no-one has done this yet, but a lot of Samsung s3 and s4 owners have said what a great device it is, and the only thing cheap about it is the flimsy battery cover. So why, oh why, aren’t Samsung (or a 3rd party) releasing a more sturdy, more polished and higher quality battery cover made of sturdier material. That would cheap to make, cheap to buy and would give existing owners the option of having the standard or the premier handset by improving their own handset and not have to buy a new one.

    • There’s a Kickstarter idea there surely ;-)

    • Martin

      I get that the battery cover is flimsy, but how many times does it come off? If you are a ‘power’ user and carry a spare battery then I get it, but I would get seriously fed up with having to change batteries every day. The better option would be to invest in either a higher capacity battery for the phone, an external battery like the Anker or TeckNet or a case with a built in extended battery. The only other reason would be to swap the sim or memory card, but how many times does that happen?
      The only reason I can see for Samsung going premium is because they see how easy it is for Apple to rinse people of cash and they want some of it too. The problem Samsung have is Apple have their core of users and it is in the millions, some will change their phones every year when a new one comes out regardless of cost, others will do the 2 yearly change when their contracts are up. Those users will never go to Samsung or anyone else regardless of the premiumness of the handset on offer due them being so entrenched into the app infrastructure that Apple has.
      This would also require a complete step change in the mindset of existing Samsung users. Some have to have the new phone when it comes out and will pay the upfront cost, a lot of people will wait a couple of weeks and get the phone for free with no upfront cost. Would those same people be prepared to pay perhaps £100 extra or £5 per month extra for exactly the same phone just because it is in a metal case? pffft.

  • Will_Nonya

    Now there are two words I don’t normally see together when people describe phone hardware, Samsung and premium.
    It might apply if you were discussing their pricing but not the creaky, cheap plastic things they call phones.

  • ashamed

    an F5 would be refreshing (sorry)