Samsung to unveil premium “F” range of handsets

Samsung to unveil premium F range of handsets

Based on how popular the iPhones 5s is compared to the iPhone 5c, I’m guessing that premium and highly-priced handsets are still more attractive to many. People would rather save and show off, rather than go for a budget device. So, news that Samsung is to introduce a “luxurious range” of handsets could be just the thing to compete, with “industry sources” stating that Samsung will launch a Premium “F” range of handsets at the very top end of the market.

Not a great deal is known just yet, but if we’re translating the ETNews website properly, you’ll see a high megapixel camera and all-metal case. These handsets will go alongside the Galaxy S range, so you may see the Samsung Galaxy F4 or F5, who knows.

More as we get it.