GMail for Android update in progress

As recently confirmed by Google a new version of Android is due to be released rather soon.

Around the time that Google releases a new version we often see updates to the major apps that make a fundamental part of the OS.

The first of these updates appears to have been released with an update to Gmail for Android.

The update finally brings the card based system to Gmail making it fit in with the majority of Google’s products.

Starting today, Gmail for Android is getting a new, cleaner design for its conversation view. The update also includes a number of additional design tweaks such as checkmarks for multiple message selection so you can easily see what messages you are about to move, archive or delete.

As an added bonus the app will now tell you, right in your inbox, if account sync is off so that you won’t accidentally miss an important message again

GMail for Android update in progress GMail for Android update in progress GMail for Android update in progress

The update will be rolling out within the Play store in the next few days.

source: Google

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