The most popular trade-in handset at the moment? Have a guess

The most popular trade in handset at the moment? Have a guess

Not happy with your current phone and want to upgrade to a new iPhone? Trading it in is always a quick fix. Your phone gets valued, you get cash, then you go out and buy a flash new one. Simple.

If phones were cars and “WeBuyAnyCar” suddenly saw a huge amount of Ford Escorts getting trading in, you’d assume that people weren’t keen on hanging on to those Escorts. Likewise, if we look at the figures from, we should see what the least wanted phone is.

Well, according to their stats, many people waited until the iPhone 5s appeared and then there was a big increase in trade-ins.

BlackBerry trade-ins went from a 10.27% of the trade-in market to a 20.3% share by September 22nd. Nokia handsets (sadly we don’t know whether they’re Lumia devices, but we assume quite a few were) went from 7.94% to 10.89% by the 22nd.

There was a lower-than-expected amount of iPhone valuations, perhaps signifying that iPhone owners weren’t in a massive rush to upgrade to the next model.