Google Play full of fake BBM apps.

Google Play full of fake BBM apps.

Since everyone’s asking, yes. There are a bunch of “BBM” apps in Google Play at the moment.

None of them is real.

We know that people are getting excited about BBM for Android. We are, too. But we also need to be a little patient as BlackBerry works out the launch-day kinks and gets the official version rolled out.

That means staying away from these fake apps in Google Play. (Be sure to report them if you have a minute. Come on Google, it can’t be that hard to squelch fakers?)

How can you spot a fake app? Well start with the logo. There are some obvious bad ones there. Then look at the publisher name. (Right below the app name in these images). BlackBerry Inc. sure looks official — but it’s not.

Also take a minute to read through the app description.