Android / iOS BBM release date set for this weekend…

Android / iOS BBM release date set for this weekend...

Blackberry were once a major player in the smartphone world.

Their devices allegedly played a major part in the orchestration of the London riots via the use of the secure Blackberry messenger platform and now users of iOS and Android can rejoice for finally BBM is coming to the rest of us lucky users.

In a press release (which can be viewed in full below) Blackberry have announced that BBM is set to be unleashed on the world this weekend, September 21st and 22nd.

Available as a free download from the Play store or iTunes, the BBM platform gives each individual user their own Blackberry PIN (a unique identifier) that enables other users to see if you are online, and to show when messages are delivered and read.

BBM will come with chat, groups and file sharing at launch with channels to follow.

The app will work with all versions of Android from 4.0 (ICS) upwards  from 21st September and iOS 6.0 onwards from 22nd September. There is no word yet of an app for Windows Phone.