Old-school cases for your iPhone

If you intend buying a shiny new iPhone 5s and want it to look really old then it’s simple. Just post it to me, I’ll scratch it to flip, crack the screen, install loads of apps and send it back.

The best bit? I only charge £400 for the privilege. Boom.

Oh wait no. Sorry. This is meant to be an item about the new Rocketcases kit – retro gamer cases. They fit the iPhone 5s, 5, 4s and 4 and will make your handset look like something out of the ’80s. The G Boy and Controller cases protect your device from falls and scratches but won’t work with your NES unfortunately.

They do lots of other cases too, including ones that look like cassettes. Yes, cassettes… anyone remember those? You can still buy them on eBay. TDK D90 baby. Always the best.

Anyhoo, the cases are available on RocketCases.com and they’re based in the US but ship internationally.

Old school cases for your iPhone

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