iPhone – The launch in numbers….

iPhone   The launch in numbers....

All of us here at Coolsmartphone Towers have our favourite device however it can be taken for granted is that for each one of us that device is different.

James P loves his Galaxy Note 2, Ravi loves his Nexus 4 while Dan likes anything new.  Mark Peters likes anything with a camera that is half decent whilst Ronnie borders on doing naughty things with his Oppo.

The one thing that can be taken for granted is that when a new handset is launched there will be vociferous debate amongst the team about its merits and downfalls, the one launch that probably inspires the most debate is that of a new iPhone.

Well, despite concerns to the contrary, it would seem that we aren’t as unusual as some of us thought as some stats that have come from Salesforce Radian6 have shown.

  • Over 3,500 posts appeared requesting details to a live stream of the event
  • Posts including the Apple event hashtag were 76.6% positive
  •  Over 431,000 mentions of Apple between the 10th and 11th September globally
  • Over 26,700 mentions of Apple between the 10th and 11th in the UK alone
  • Sentiment of UK posts was 67.8% positive
  • Overall, most negative posts were tied to price
  • Conversation peaked during the first hour of the press conference, which generated over 70,000 posts that hour alone
  • iPhone 5S garnered just under 40,000 more mentions than its more cost effective brother, the iPhone 5C
  • The upcoming launch of iOS7 created the most overall buzz during the event, generating over 33,000 online mentions
  • The release of the iPhone 5S in gold was the second most mentioned feature, resulting in over 4,600 posts

The top 3 brands to be mentioned amongst all this chatter were Samsung, HTC and Nokia, Samsung and HTC were specifically mentioned when comparing pricing.

What the figures do show is that nothing creates a buzz in quite the same way as a new Apple device launch and that the new iPhones have been generally well received. Bring on the queues!!


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  • John Kyle

    I fail to see why it creates such a buzz though!

    I’m not Apple bashing, I genuinely can’t see why people get worked up about such minor improvements.

    I love and have stuck with my Note because I didn’t see the 2 (or 3) as a noticable and price warranted improvement. They look the same, operate the same and yes they are faster, but the Note’s speed has never been an issue.

    The 5s is faster than the 5, but then how many people complain about the 5 speed?

    It’s good to see that the camera has been improved and not just by doubling the Megapixel rating. Who needs a phone camera greater 8 anyway?

    Don’t even get me started on the fingerprint scanner. “The scanner will only hold details locally on the phone, they are not sent to Apple” call me Marvin the paranoid android, but I do wonder how long it will take before it’s leaked that Apple have been storing all the biometric data and that the NSA (or such similar organisation) has got hold of it, so it’s been left on/in a train/plane/automobile.

    But back to my original question, have I missed something about the 5s or am I just getting old and grumpy?

    • Paul

      I agree, only the 5S being faster might be comparing it to the 5 both running on iOS7. I never had a problem with my iPhone 4 until iOS6, where it became quite laggy and very annoying, no doubt because that device was older hardware when that version came out. I wonder how the 4S and 5 perform under the new IOS 7.

      • Paul

        …and yes, the finger print scanner…..meh. A novelty, that will only get annoying when you can’t use it because you’ve washed your hands with a certain incompatible kind of soap, or the grease/sweat interferes. Something every other phone out there doesn’t have, and doesn’t really need.

  • Martin

    I’m with you John (in that I too am old and grumpy ;) ). I am still surprised how Apple can still create such a buzz over devices that in reality are a minor upgrade over what has come previously. I still tune in every time to see the iPhone and iPad announcements even though I would never buy one for myself! The biggest jump and I guess the most exciting (fails to excite me) thing about the 5S is the first 64bit phone. Apart from that there is nothing new, so it has a fingerprint sensor, maybe it will be the first one that actually works properly. The camera has been updated, they always are, ever since they put a camera on the iPhone every model has had a better one.
    It is too expensive and some people will bemoan the screen size, personally I like the size of the 5 (my daughter has one) it fits in the hand really nicely, I’m currently running a Galaxy S2 (daughters hand-me-down) and it is about as big a phone as I’d like to use. Even though it is expensive and small one thing is for sure, it will sell by the bazillion as have all the other phones. My missus has a 4S, the contract is up and she wants a 5S in Gold :( So I will be calling O2 to see what sort of upgrade deal they can do, knowing O2 they will be able to do it for full price and no discount on the tariff cos they know they’ll sell whatever :(

  • paddy

    coming from a s3 to iphone 5 i have never looked back … each to there own…..