HTC One tablet photos emerge… Or maybe not..

HTC have never really succeeded when it comes to tablets. The mildly successful HTC Flyer was getting long in the tooth when it got it’s update from Gingerbread to Honeycomb (Android 3.0), and there hasn’t been a lot to speak of since. This morning we spotted what appeared to be a leaked image of an all-new HTC tablet.

HTC One tablet photos emerge... Or maybe not..

It looks just like the brilliant HTC One has morphed into a tablet and our hearts were all aflutter. We really want to see HTC re-enter the tablet market, and this looked like a great device to do that with…


Although it is a real device, it’s not actually made by HTC at all. It looks like this might all be a case of mistaken identity, or possibly a website somewhere looking for hits. It is in fact the Ramos K1, and you can buy one if you want. They’re not too pricey and it can be yours for a little over $159..

HTC One tablet photos emerge... Or maybe not..

Via – SIM Only Radar

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  • Paul

    Just what we need, another Android tablet. Forgive me, I love my HTC One, the design is great, and I can see why HTC are taking advantage of this lovely design on other devices. All Apple devices look similar, and HTCs will too. Great, but there’s far too many Android tablets out there, I think they missed the boat to take a decent share of that market.

    I’m looking forward to see what Nokia/Newkia/Microsoft come out with, as I think a tablet that doesn’t run iOS or Android would be a breath of fresh air. Just my opinion.

    • Tom Kelsall

      Have you seen the Surface?

      • Paul

        Yes, a little on the expensive side really, but I’m waiting for Surface 2, or to see what Nokia come up with.

  • Tom Kelsall

    What happened to Journos doing research before reporting?

  • Dear Oh Dear

    I see this article has been updated with no credit given to Szilárd-Erwin Szőgyényi for highlighting the facts about this tablet. Give credit where it’s due and also, if you edit an article after publishing it, at least include “Update” or “Edit” to highlight the changes.