Feel secure with SOS Stay Safe

Phones are bought for various reasons, but a lot of the time it’s for safety reasons. Whether it be for your son, daughter or your wife, it’s a way to contact and be contacted. Apps such as SOS Stay Safe add to this with safety features a-plenty.

It’ll get activated when you shake your handset, and will send an emergency message with your location, battery level and a recorded audio clip to your chosen contacts. Shaking your handset means that you won’t even have to put the device to your ear. Aimed at women, you can control just how much “shake” you need to do before it activates, so there’s less of a chance of it triggering when you’re bouncing up and down doing other things. Ooo.. there’s an audio clip you don’t want emailed to your parents.

This app is 65p to buy. You can grab it from Google Play and there’s a video a little more below. I’m kinda disappointed that it’s not free to be honest.