More leaked pictures of the iPhone 5c

More leaked pictures of the iPhone 5c
The well known source of reliable leaks, Evleaks, has today posted on their Twitter page these pictures of the rumoured iPhone 5c.

He has also posted an image from Case Mate as well showing a case and the phone.
More leaked pictures of the iPhone 5c
Said to be announced on 10th September not long till we find out for sure …

Evleaks Twitter Page

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  • Martin

    Meh. iPhone announcements have been pretty much ‘same old, same old’ since the 4, or even the 3gs.

    • paddy

      funny apple havent announced anything yet ????

      the only phone company to make a new phone that dosent copy apple is nokia…

      • Martin

        Indeed you are right, they could announce something that is truly amazing and blows everything else out of the water. Just got to wait and see.

        Oh, and of course the phone in this article is the 5c, not the 5s so will of course look similar to the 5 as it is the ‘low cost’ option, my bad.