The Coolsmartphone Podcast – Episode 61

The Coolsmartphone Podcast   Episode 61
It’s time for Episode 61 of our podcast, we had a whole load of topics this week, the new Nexus 7, the Nexus 4 price drop, the Nokia 515, the Sony Honami, Ballmer resigning, next week’s Galaxy Note event, the next odd Android gaming device the Wikipad, the Samsung Galaxy tab for kids, Three and their roaming deal, everyone jumping on the 4G bandwagon, the Pressy Kickstarter, the Oppo N1 and it’s rear touch panel and a tiny little bit of off topic nonsense

This week I was joined by Ian Furlong, Ravi Patel and Ronnie Whelan.

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  • My Poor Ears

    I think it’s obvious nobody cares about feedback for this show. I complained a few weeks ago that the quality was terrible, I came back to give it another try this week. For starters I couldn’t download it on my phone because the file size is almost 80meg!!! and 50 meg is the upper limit for 3g downloads. I thought id still get it on wifi because maybe the quality is better and so the file size would be bigger. if anything the quality is worse!!! The intro is so much clearer and then when the first guy talks it sounds awful and when Ravi talks I can barely make him out. Then you all talk all over each other and say um, eh, a lot and theres tons of awkward silences. I don’t understand why they aren’t being edited out???

    I listen to a lot of podcasts and this is just really terrible. Theres no reason for a file of such horrendos quality to be 80meg in size. I can get full albums that are smaller than that. After 61 episodes you lot should know better.

    I’d like to think you’ll take my feedback on board and improve but its more likely ill be fobbed off, ignored or this comment will be deleted.

    • Eric

      Not sure what you are on about, quality is fine.
      It is much improved than maybe 6 months ago.
      The site is not a mega funded site like others, what are you expecting HD quality?
      I like their random rambles now and then, it is easy listening for me at work with people talking about day to day use of the devices they discuss rather then other sites corporate marketing blur to keep sponsors happy.

      @Ravi, if you buy the Nexus 7(or other tech gadgets) from John Lewis it comes with a 2 year guarantee. Usually same price (within a few £s), in stock.

      • My Poor Ears

        “quality is fine” You’re clearly not listening to the same show I am. It doesn’t cost anything to edit a show properly or sound better than this does. I wasn’t a listener 6 months ago but if it was worse than this Im glad!

        I’ve no problem with what they’re saying but with how badly edited it is. Talking over each other is a natural thing but its also very easy to edit around, the same goes for silences and ums and aahs. This episode could have been between 25 and 30 meg and still have sounded the same.

        for crystal clarity, none of the stuff I’m complaining about would cost any money, it just needs a little more effort on the boys part and its all very basic stuff.

    • James Pearce

      Hi there, we did take your feedback on board the other week and we’ve been looking into various methods of editing.

      Time is our main problem, all of us having full time jobs in addition to our contributions here at Coolsmartphone. Spend hours editing out every little um and ah is just never going to happen.

      But as I said we are looking into new methods of editing and we can only hope to improve in the future.

      • My Poor Ears

        James, it shouldn’t take hours. The program you use to record will likely have a marker function with a button assigned. whenever someone talks over each other or says um and ah just hit the button and a marker will be placed. then when it comes time to put it together, skip ahead to the markers and delete the waveform for ums and ahs and for people talking over each other just pull the tracks out. pretty simple stuff.

        the main problem is quality and file size though. none of you talks into the mike and the file is obviously not being post processed afterwards.

        all of this stuff could easily be fixed in about 20 minutes and it will make the show sound 100 times better. not doing so is just lazy. very few people do podcasting as their main job but they still put the effort in. if you’re that hard up for time, maybe consider making the episodes slightly shorter to give you more time to edit them?