Show everyone how much money you’ve got – Get Jacked

Show everyone how much money youve got   Get Jacked

Yet another Kickstarter campaign and it’s for something that… well, I just think this is a bit mental. It’s a money clip that attaches to your iPhone via the 3.5mm audio jack.

Now, when I do actually have some money it usually lives in my wallet. It stays there for 5, maybe 6 minutes before my son or wife takes it off me. However, if you have limited pocket space (I’m saying nothing) you can clip this onto your phone and wedge money or cards into the clip.

Yes, when you’re stepping off the train with your £500 iPhone in your hand, you can boost the steal-ability with a wad of £20 notes on the back too. To make matters worse, they’ve decided to call this would-be product the “Jacked Money Clip”.



My urban dictionary says that this refers to robbery, theft or seizure. You see where my thoughts lie here, don’t you?

Show everyone how much money youve got   Get Jacked

Over the next 29 days they’re aiming for $10,000 and, as I write, they have $28… so they’re.. a little slow off the mark.

Does anyone here in the UK actually use a money clip? Anyone? Well, if there is anyone out there and you want to parade your money around and / or fiddle about removing it every time you want to make a call, pledge your money here. Personally I wouldn’t, and to be honest I’m getting more than a little tired with the dozens of crowd-funding items we’re seeing recently. Some are great, but they’re rapidly becoming the minority.

Next week, a sticker that shows people what your PIN number is.