We’re jamming, I hope you like jamming too

The internet can be a scary place at times. So scary, in fact, that we could do with some hastily cobbled together requirement for random cookie warnings on every site and a ham-fisted ISP-level website blocking system.

Nah, that’d never work.

When all else fails, we can at least turn to YouTube for unrestricted and unsuitable video content, or to our phones to make a call to anyone in the world. Heck, we could even have a cigarette if we’ve read the warnings, accepted the risk, stood in the designated area and paid enough tax for the privilege.

But wait, what’s this? Are these cigarettes?

Were jamming, I hope you like jamming too

No, no they’re not. They may look like cigarettes but, just like those special “imported” ones at the local market, you can’t really smoke them. These particular ones are properly fake. The cigarettes popping out of the top just hide the fact that this is a mobile signal jammer.

Were jamming, I hope you like jamming too

This actually blocks signals of all phones within 10 metres, but reading through the iffy web listing it appears to block frequencies between 850-960MHz and some “3G frequencies”.

Were jamming, I hope you like jamming too

I’ll not link to these directly, but if you do some Google searches you’ll find a whole selection of signal jammers. The fixed one below boosts Three blocking even further, knocking out phones within 50 metres, so there’s no chance of getting your Facebook fix.

Let’s just hope your boss doesn’t find them and starts installing them in the work toilets, else it’s game over.

Were jamming, I hope you like jamming too

There’s still the issue of legality here, but your boss / MP / council / Government will probably find a way around that. Grumble. Grimace. Grumble.