Bought a Nexus 4 from Google Play – claim a refund now….

Bought a Nexus 4 from Google Play    claim a refund now....
After today’s price drop a few people may be feeling a little peeved, especially if they have bought a Nexus 4 quite recently.

Well, if you bought yours from the Play Store after August 12th, then good news – you can claim a refund of the difference.

Nexus 4 (8GB and 16GB) purchases from Devices on Google Play are currently eligible for price protection if the purchase was made on or after August 12, 2013. If your purchase is eligible, we’ll refund the difference in price within a reasonable time.

Google Support Site

Google have placed a 15 day limit on submission of claims so if you qualify get claiming right away.

Source: le3ky (via Twitter)

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  • L.A.B.

    Hello! So I bought the nexus 4 full price on August 11, order processed on August 12.. Which was 1 day behind the price protection period!! However, there is a special caveat you can raise if you are an unfortunate SOB like me.. they also have a 15 day return policy program from the date the day the phone was delivered… so “technically”, I can return my phone for a full refund, and buy a new phone for $110 less! When I raised up that special issue, they returned and told me I’m within price protection and the price protection date is now officially August 8th! woohoo! My friend recorded a video of me and you can clearly hear the guy say i’m within the time frame.. let’s hope I get that $110.. otherwise I have until Sept. 4 to return my EXPENSIVE ASS NEXUS!!

    • Guest

      I ordered mine on the 8th of August,2013, and received it on the 12th. Can you let me know what you did to consider your case, thank you.