And so it begins.. Vodafone throttling 3G customers

And so it begins.. Vodafone throttling 3G customers

It’s safe to say that 4G hasn’t exactly set the world alight here in the UK. Although there’s obvious benefits, the lack of coverage, relatively low data limits and pricing has meant that most have chosen to stay on 3G.


Well, 3G is cheaper, and most people are happy with the speed and the generous data allowances.

However, we’ve received word that Vodafone are throttling speeds for 3G customers. The download / upload speeds will be restricted for those not using a “4G Ready” or “4G” Plan. If you’re in that category then..

(a) Your upload speed will be limited to 8Mbps
(b) Your download speed will be limited to 10Mbps

Now, although this still isn’t “slow” (and, if you do get the full 10Mbps, is faster than a lot of home broadband lines), it’s a worrying sign of things to come. I personally believe that this will mark the start of networks offering a two-tier level of service as a way to push people on their shiny new 4G networks.

We’ve contacted Vodafone for comment and will update this item as soon as we hear back. 

Update – Since receiving these details from an anonymous tipster we’ve found this reference to it in newly-published terms and conditions. Mobile broadband / dongles will be capped at 10Mbps too.

If you do not have a “4G-ready” or “4G” plan, your data speed will be limited to 10Mbps.

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  • iPhone Fan

    I never got a download speed above 2.5mbps with Vodafone so 10mbps would be lovely! I swapped to three and it’s great. Download speeds average 6-8mbps at peak times (vodafone would normally give me about 0.5mbps) and there’s no restrictions on usage so I can use FaceTime with the kids without going over my limit. I’d never go back to Vodafone again.

  • bob

    Another reason people NOT to sign up for contracts! If the provider I was with pulled this kind of stunt, i can quickly move to another on payg

  • Eric

    I work in central London, I checked now on Speedtest, I received 4084kbps down and 1516 up. I do not really have any speed issues in general. I am not sure many will get near 10mbps. This was on HSDPA not + and on o2, but I should think Vodafone will be the same.
    They could throttle it much worse than 10mbps

  • William D

    it wasnt that long ago that Vodafone would advertise with bit speed bars etc in their shops and catalogues much faster speeds.. How on earth is this legal?

  • mahall1988

    so i live in an area that doesnt have 4g so does that mean that we are going to suffer because we dont want to pay for something that we cant get

  • AJE

    Shame on Vodafone!
    I am glad that I am not with a company that does that to its
    customers – downgrading a service that many customers are tied into in
    order to coerce them to a higher-priced tariff.
    Shame on you, Vodafone.