Ubuntu Edge looks to be falling off the … you know..

Ubuntu Edge looks to be falling off the ... you know..

So, just 9 hours remaining and Ubuntu are some $19.5 milllion short of their goal.

What goal you say? Well, it’s a crowd-funded project to build the Ubuntu Edge, a smartphone that dual-boots into Ubuntu Mobile and Android whilst also converting into a full desktop PC. It’s going to be exclusively available to IndieGoGo backers at launch..

..or at least it will be if someone gets almost $20 million out of their pocket. We’ll know by morning (UK time) ..

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  • the_prof

    Quite sad really. I have a feeling this project would have got backing maybe 2-3 years ago. But then again, they were asking for FAR too much money. It would have been a close thing back then even.

    Now the two main platforms are so well established (iOS and Android), it doesn’t really leave a great deal of room in the marketplace for anything else. If Android was weak, then I could understand it more, but it’s simply not.

    While this Ubuntu phone does have a few USPs, it’s not far enough different from the top-end Android stuff to really matter.

    So, smartphone manufacturers – why not just build the hardware and leave it to us to choose the software?