Discover and create ringtones with Ringtonium

Discover and create ringtones with Ringtonium
You know when you go onto that website featuring a bee, or download a track over bittorrent and stick it on your phone, just so you can have that MP3 as your ringtone? Yeah. You’re not supposed to do that. It’s probably illegal or something. The Police are going to get you and taser your phone. They will. Bzzz.. fizzle.

An alternative would be Ringtonium. It’s an app that’ll let you design and create your own ringtones, plus you can choose, download and listen to music you love too. It’ll also offer a collection of music giveaways and music deals.

Head of Mobile Development at Bamboo Group, Igor Ponikarchik, tells us..

Our core goal is to build the Home of legal music distribution and to provide the easiest way to make ringtones for Android.

You can create a ringtone, text or email alert using an accurate and zoom-able interface, and it doesn’t involve downloading an MP3 from one of those dodgy file sharing sites. Check it out below or get more details on their website where you can see it in action. There’s an Android and iPhone version.

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