You can’t see me…

We had a question from a reader why no-one seemed to be covering a transparent phone which promised to also allow the owner to build their own phone by selecting the processor, screen size, memory, camera almost as if you were building your own PC.You cant see me...

Somewhat intrigued by the idea I decided to do some digging into the Clearjoy project to find out the story behind it and why it wasn’t being covered.

The idea sounds great – choose a processor, then screen size and all the extra bells and whistles you could want including smudge free screen and xenon flash, send payment and await your SIM-free new phone to arrive in the post. Given the promises of a transparent phone or a connected tablet that is transparent so can use either side who wouldn’t be tempted.

You cant see me...


Here’s the catch: it doesn’t actually seem to have taken off, the project started off as an IndieGoGo pitch with several comments on websites trying to drum up interest along with a Twitter account and a couple of Facebook pages. The lead engineer describes himself as “Chief Idea Guy”.

So for these reasons I think it is a bit dodgy but the idea is a good one.

Source: ClearJoy (careful research advised before purchase)

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