Office Mobile for Office 365 now available

Office Mobile for Office 365 now available
You want Office Mobile on your Android? You want it. You want it don’t you? Oh yes you do. Well, it’s easy. Just head here and grab Office Mobile for Office 365.

Provided you’ve got an Office 365 subscription you can access, edit and view Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from anywhere. It’ll let you access documents on the service-shortly-to-be-formally-known-as-SkyDrive (SSTBFKAS), view and edit documents attached to emails and resume reading from the last position you were at on your PC or tablet.

We’ve got some great screenshots (thanks Ant) below. Don’t talk to me about how good the existing document editing suite installed on your Android is, because I just might agree.

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  • the_prof

    Haha, you know, I don’t think I will get this, because I have a couple of nice Office suites installed on my devices and they are all pretty great. Microsoft can go suck it with their monthly subscription thanks very much.

    In fact, on my one remaining Windows based PC, I use Office 2003, which I think is much better than the new ones anyway.