LG G2 rear key movie

LG G2 rear key movie
The LG G2 and it’s rather unique rear buttons has certainly got tongues wagging. I’m so unsure whether or not the rear button is going to be rubbish or not, I think I could only tell by using the thing.

LG have posted this video on their YouTube channel, that doesn’t really help with my concerns over the button.

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  • the_prof

    Seems a bit weird, I must say. At initial glance this appears to be a pull down lens protector, which I thought might be a reasonable idea, but to move such a functional button to the back of the phone seems counter-intuitive.

    I agree with James in that it’d have to be one of these things you’d have to experience for yourself to really find if it was a good thing or not. This isn’t really a good marketing strategy, as I think this would be more likely to put you off the phone than attract you to it.

  • Kam

    I think its great design. Think about it, hold your phone like you normally do, notice how your index finger is oftentimes placed just where the volume/power buttons are on the G2. You don’t need that finger to help with a holding the phone as the rest of your fingers & thumb does so just fine.

    Also when holding the phone to your ears, making or answering a call for instance, you’ll find that 9 times out of 10 you’ll use your index finger to support the phone in just that area so pushing the volume buttons there would be second nature

    With larger phones, I use a GNote 2, the placement of the volume & power buttons normally on the upper half of the sides of the phone necessitates that in order to press them you have to manipulate your grip shifting up & down.

    I’m looking forward to this phone,