Apple to hold iPhone event 10th Sept?

According to AllThingsD, Apple are due to announce an event for the 10th September with the focus on either one or two new iPhone devices.

Normally we would expect to see the iPhone 5S as the only device but there have been many leaks recently of a second device called the iPhone 5C that appears to be a cheaper low to mid range phone.

It is looking more and more like this year’s flagship will be a 5S device instead of a 6 with the same design as the original 5 and some internal improvements, also bringing more LTE bands allowing us folk in the UK to pick our network of choice.

Apple to hold iPhone event 10th Sept?

Apple have not yet confirmed a date but with the rumor being exactly a month from today, expect an official announcement soon

Link: AllThingsD

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  • appleman

    lets hope apple dont go down the android route and flood the market with rubbish and stick to only a couple of handsets…

  • Kurt House

    iphone 5S, the same as last years but……… talk about a yawn fest. Yes I’m probably a bit of an Android fanboy but I always keep my options open and if nothing else, competition in the market place is good for everyone. Apple need to bring something new and exciting to the table each year to keep people interested and maintain the buzz around their product. I know there hasn’t been a release for a while which will have contributed but I get the general feeling the iphone buzz has come a little off the boil. Anecdotally, I’ve seen a few people around work who’ve ditched the iphone for an HTC One or Galaxy S4 and they seemed pretty pleased (especially with Google Music! is itunes that bad?? never used it). I’m not sure that there’s anything wrong with the design per se but people just want something fresh. Maybe iOS 7 will help?