The Nokia Lumia 1020 goes up for pre-order in the UK

The Nokia Lumia 1020 goes up for pre order in the UK
Pre-orders are an odd phenomenon. Estimated prices, estimated delivery dates and vague details about available colours.

The device in question this time round is the eagerly awaited Nokia Lumia 1020 and it’s great big 41MP camera.

Expansys have opened up pre-orders at £599.99 (TBC) including delivery and VAT. They have said that they are getting white and black first in the first week of September (TBC). You can pre-order the black one here or the white one here if you’re super eager. So far they have no news on the yellow model, so it seems that Nokia still are going to mess another product lunch about by holding back specific colours. Oh well, maybe one year they’ll get it right.

Update – Clove have also now got a pre-order page up as well, with the same delivery time but they are offering the 1020 slightly cheaper at £588.00 including VAT here.

It is certainly going to be an expensive phone, but it seems that it will be cheaper than I thought it would be. I still can’t decide whether I want one yet though.

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  • Quaddy

    wonder how long after launch the the 64gb will be available in the uk

    • James Pearce

      If it ever becomes available!

      • Quaddy

        Hi James, i am not quite sure what you mean? – the 64gb variant has been confirmed, albeit a supposed exclusive for telefonica AKA o2 in the uk.

        • James Pearce

          Yeah it’s just me being overly cynical. Yes O2 are meant to have an exclusive on it.

          We just haven’t heard a thing about the 64GB model since launch.

  • Neill Buchanan

    Not sure how reliable the 64GB talk is, I heard no official word or ability to order a 64GB version off Microsoft in the states. However, I do believe O2 might have an exclusive period on the yellow colour from UK release date. They now list yellow and black but not the white…

    • Quaddy

      yeah no idea about the states, but here in the uk we are getting the 64gb on october 1st, confirmed by o2