The Coolsmartphone Podcast – Episode 57

The Coolsmartphone Podcast   Episode 57

Episode 57 is here, recorded just before the Motorola Moto X announcement. So don’t go expecting loads of info about that.

Joining me this week were Mark Peters and Ronnie Whelan.

This week’s topics are the little we actually do know about the Moto X, Mark and his new HTC One, the Galaxy NX Camera, Android 4.3 updates, home TV boxes, Oppo and how great they are, a bit of chit chat about the weather and some other off topic stuff.

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Motorola announce the Moto X
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  • New-ish listener

    This was recommended to me by a friend and I’ve listened to a few episodes and I have to say that this may be the worst show I’ve listened to in ages. not because of the content but technically. everyone talks over each other and the quality is really really poor. i know you guys arent professionals and it shows. maybe you could take a little bit more time in editing the shows so it doesnt sound like crap? I dont mean any offense because the content is good but the other stuff makes it unlistenable.

    • James Pearce

      Thanks for the feedback. We will take your points on board.