SwiftKey Cloud Beta adds better prediction and more

SwiftKey Cloud Beta adds better prediction and more
Installed one of those intelligent fast on-screen keyboards? Are you having to re-teach the keyboard all your favourite words and phrases when you switch handsets?
SwiftKey Cloud Beta adds better prediction and more

Well worry no more my little sausage, because SwiftKey Cloud Beta is here to save us. Not only does it do super-fast intelligent data entry, but it also saves all your favourite words, saved phrases and more. Then, when you use another device, it’ll sync all those words and phrases across. Clever huh?

Not only that, but it’ll suggest words and phrases based on current events, so if you type “royal” it’ll suggest adding “baby” to the end. Right now you can give the beta a whirl via a direct download. Click here for the phone version and here for the tablet beta.

See it in action here, or head to their website for more info.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGvOid4jnug&feature=c4-overview&list=UUBaVs6piT-UyYtWik9hLaGw’]

Full changelog and known issues for the updated beta


– Improved behaviour of different keyboard layouts when multiple languages are enabled
– Improvement to Flow prediction quality
– Minor performance improvements aimed at reducing likelihood of lag
– Fixes for a variety of crashes in the settings
– Improvements in hyphen handling
Keyboard should no longer refuse to accept input for a short while after pressing send in messaging apps
– Kingsoft Office should no longer cause a crash
– Fixed crashes when personalizing with Gmail
– Enter key should now move cursor to new line in Firefox
– Predictions disabled in Vaulty app’s password field