Motorola UK website gets an intriguing new image

Motorola UK website gets an intriguing new image
Whilst poking around the UK Motorola website this morning I spotted the above image. It says:

“We’re working on something new”

What on earth could it be? A UK version of the Moto X? A UK version of the newly announced Motorola DROID range? Is it just an image that accidentally has moved across from the US website? Or something totally new?

It does make me a little more happier after finding out that the Moto X as we saw last night won’t be coming to the UK. Are Motorola doing it all wrong? Should they be ignoring the rest of the world and concentrating on the US? Should Google just make them into their in house Nexus manufacturer?

Hopefully Motorola won’t leave it too long before they announce something for the UK. We’ll bring you the details if and when they do.
Source – Motorola

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