Moto X version to hit the UK?

Moto X version to hit the UK?


We aren’t saying X will soon mark this particular spot, but then again, we ain’t sayin’ it ain’t neither. If this source is to be believed, the Moto-X  is soon going to be making its way over to the UK.

If that’s true, then we’ll soon see the Google-owned company delivering what’s commonly accepted as a device that’s closest to the stock Android experience straight out of the box. I know what you’re thinking: the Google Play editions of the HTC One X and THE Samsung Galaxy S4 are closer to stock, but you try buying either on contract and see what happens. Come to think of it, see how easy it is to buy with a European Warranty right now. Let me know how that turns out.

There’s a little bit of uncertainty about the name of the device as this rumour has it stated as being the Div X. Its not bowling me over.

The rest of the rumour states that we won’t get the neat customisation versions like they do in the U.S. It makes you wonder why they’d bother bringing the phone out at all. Why not just go with a rebranded Maxx or Ulltra?

Source: Omio.

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