Acer announce the 3.5″ Jelly Bean Z3

Acer announce the 3.5 Jelly Bean Z3
Acer have a few different handsets available and today they’ve gone and announced another one, this time it is at the bottom end of the Android pile.

Following the success of the Liquid E1, E2, S1 and Z2, Acer today unveiled the Liquid Z3 smartphone for anyone who wants a smartphone that packs the features they need without the extra size they don’t. This is the latest addition to the lineup and the fifth smartphone Acer launched since the beginning of the year, further strengthening the company commitment to the smartphone market.

Key features are as follows:

·        Your gateway to the world of Smartphones with Quick Mode Profiles
·         Affordable dual-core performance with dual SIM
·         Cool design with protective flip cover and trendy colours

The Liquid Z3 features four pre-defined user profiles and a fast dual-core 1 GHz processor offering budget-cautious smartphone upgraders and first-time users between 7 – 70 years of age a fluid experience. The profiles are as follows:

-Basic Mode: For youngsters with call and text fucntions;
-Senior Mode: Messages, radio, weather, magnify, clock, quick call contacts;
-Classic mode: All main functions in a simple and organized layout for first time smartphone users;
-Keypad mode: For people who primarily use voice and need their keypad right away.

These profiles sound quite intriguing, especially the senior and basic modes. Spec wise it is rather basic.

Liquid Z3 Specifications

– Dimensions 109 x 60 x 10.4 mm
– Weight 120 g (with battery)
– Battery Capacity 1500 mAh
– RADIO HSPA 900 / 2100 MHz (21Mbps DL, 11Mbps UL)
– GSM / EDGE 850 / 900 / 1800 /1900 MHz
– Dual Core 1 GHz CPU
– RAM 512MB
– Camera 3 MP
– Display LCD 3.5” HVGA 320 x 480
– Micro-SD slot
– Dual SIM or Single SIM
– Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

So nothing special here, just a bargain price and what sounds like a funky launcher.

As regards price and availability Acer have said the following:

The Acer Liquid Z3 will be available in Belgium, Netherlands, Ukraine, France, Spain, UK, Italy, Germany and Russia starting from mid-August at a suggested price of £79 and will at various outlets including Asda stores The Acer Liquid Z3 will be available in two colours: Rock Black and Classic White. A range of accessories will be available including flip-covers and replaceable back-covers in Rock Black, Classic White, Sakura Pink, Pop Yellow and Lagoon Turquoise, along with the more standard screen protection film.

We should hopefully be getting our hands on a Z3 soon.

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  • I tested it already and I can say it’s pretty well performing, good bargain for such price.

  • Martin

    Oooh I was almost excited then I saw

    Display LCD 3.5” HVGA 320 x 480

    :( :(

    I’ve got an Xperia Ray, it is nearly 2 years old, it has a 3.3″ screen with a resolution of 480 x 854 and I love it. Trouble is it is slowly dying :( I would love a mahoosive phone with a full HD display but to be honest I don’t need all that screen real estate and i certainly don’t need a quad / octo core powered phone fro what I use it for. If I want large screen goodness I have my tablet.
    3.5” and 320 x 480 is what the original iPhone had, surely they could have bunged in a higer res screen, even if it cost £20 – £30 more? Hey ho, the search goes on for a small, reasonable powerful phone with a decen res screen, I’m not asking for over 3 or 400 ppi, 250+ would be nice.

    Here is what I want (would like), and I bet I am not alone:

    Sub 4″ screen

    960 x 540 res

    Dual core CPU – 1/1.2ghz

    Front camera – meh

    Rear camera – OK, but budget phone I doubt it’ll be brilliant, not hugely fussed

    Dual sim – Nice but not essential

    SD card slot – Yes please

    At least a gig of RAM, 2 would be lovely.

    Jelly bean

    At least a 1500 mAh battery

    Doesn’t have to be mega slim, 10 -12mm is OK

    Too much to ask?

    I really wanted this – But it was a Japan only phone.

    Actually, while writing this and doing a bit of reseach I have seen there is this coming – Could be perfect, I then saw this at Clove – £195:60 for pre-order, a little more than I would be willing to pay (I am very tight) if/when it comes down to £150ish then i think I’ve found my new phone :)

  • weirdstuff


  • asd

    display res sucks

  • Mark Robinson

    Display is too Small anything less than 4″ is just too small now