OPPO Find 5 gets major firmware update

OPPO Find 5 gets major firmware update

Lucky owners of the OPPO Find 5 are receiving over the air updates to the firmware on their handsets, taking them to X909EN_130719 (was X909EN_13_130514).

It’s only an 83MB download, but it comes with a massive changelog which includes dedications to users who’ve made suggestions or bug reports. This is a really nice touch and another example of their pledge to making owning an OPPO an interactive experience with the Chinese manufacturer. Take a gander below for all the updates.

* Added landscape mode for Messages application. (Suggested by Corey M and plenty of Ofans)
* Reverted how the “Clear apps” feature functions. (Suggested by tomaten and plenty of Ofans)
* Added the Suspension lockscreen style.
* Added the option to add contact shortcuts on the homescreen.
* Added “Beautify icon” option to set whether the beautified icons of Google apps would be displayed.
* Optimized the folder in homescreen and app drawer so that it can now show nine thumbnails.
* Optimized the display of notification bar when using Nova, Apex or Smart launcher. (Reported by Corey M)
* Added an option to set an All day event when creating an event in the Calendar.
* Changed the notification tone of Calendar to be much shorter. (Suggested by Anonymous_29 and Haas)
* Added an option to set the volume of Messages and Notifications seperately.
* Added “Beautify” feature in the Camera.
* Added HDR feature for video recording when the resolution is set to 720p. (Suggested by edogaktop)
* Added an option to add music to playlist by folder.
* Added new path of the pictures in File manager.
* Added “Cell broadcasts” option to the settings of Messages.
* Added the APN settings for some operators of Thailand.
* Updated the Talk application to Hangouts. (Reported by Alex)
* Yahoo launcher will now automatically select the related URL according to the system language.
* Deleted the festivals of United States in the Calendar application. (Suggested by Murakh)
* Fixed an issue where incorrect carrier name would be displayed in some areas. (Reported by some Ofans)
* Fixed an issue where the screen would still turn off automatically after enabling slideshow in Photos. (Reported by Ig_Softy)
* Fixed an incorrect display issue of contacts details under Russian system language. (Reported by dave.opc, nikvankuz & ZEUS567)
* Fixed an issue where one couldn’t reply to group via SMS. (Reported by pmaher66)
* Fixed an issue where Google contacts might be deleted after merging contacts. (Reported by Kapil S & sn33ky)
* Fixed an issue where SMS would not work for the Google contacts whose phone number contains “()”. (Reported by Knite75)
* Fixed an issue where outgoing mail server port couldn’t be set. (Reported by Tecy)
* Fixed an issue where Google calendar did not retain settings. (Reported by Ig_Softy)
* Fixed an issue where .acc files couldn’t be played.
* Fixed an issue where couldn’t type non-English letters when inputting WiFi password. (Reported by cbusse)
* Fixed an issue where WhatsApp sometimes didn’t receive messages. (Reported by Adrian Chong)
* Fixed an issue where an useless notification would be activated via specific NFC commands. (Reported by schif)
* Fixed an issue where lock screen wallpaper couldn’t be set successfully. (Reported by Ici_Paris)
* Fixed an issue where the 1080p icon wouldn’t be displayed on the desktop by default. (Reported by DAVIDR96)
* Fixed an issue where Messages couldn’t recognize specific phone number formats. (Reported by bmgp.95)
* Fixed an issue where Hangouts application didn’t work.
* Fixed an issue where the contacts containing over 6 characters couldn’t be saved to SIM card which is supposed to support more. (Reported by jeromelille)
* Fixed an issue where you couldn’t unlock the screen while playing music with Google Play Music when the screen lock password was enabled. (Reported by Juanjo)
* Fixed an issue where Russian mp3 tags would mess up. (Reported by Kalash156)
* Fixed an issue where the LED light would shine when the phone was full charged even if the “Charging” option of Easy light was turned off. (Reported by FormelLMS)
* Fixed an issue where the Calendar icon couldn’t sync with the timezone. (Reported by Kiran Nagaraj)
* Various bug fixes and stability improvements.

I’m particularly looking forward to trying the 720p HDR video recording and the camera “Beautify feature”!

If you are a Find 5 owner and you haven’t had the update you can force your phone to check via the System Update app or go to Settings > General > About phone > System update and tapping “Check for updates”. You should see something like this:

OPPO Find 5 gets major firmware update

Source: OPPO Forums

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