The Coolsmartphone Podcast – Episode 56

Episode 56 is basically a new Nexus 7 based podcast, if you came here hoping not to hear about then your going to be disappointed.

A few other topics were the Lumia 625, Android 4.3, Google Play Games, the Google Chromecast and Dan and his worldwide testing of the Lumia 925.

Joining me this week were Dan Carter and Ravi Patel.

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Sony confirm Android 4.3 availability
YouTube upload app comes to WP8
  • robinottawa

    Very enjoyable podcast again. (Either James is letting his cohorts talk more or I’ve been upping my meds!)

    I was reminded of James’ experience with that scheduler tonight, in which he had to sign his life away to allow it to install. I also thought he was crazy for letting it install with that long list of permissions he had to give. But tonight, I got a new Android phone and just to install Firefox, I had to do the same thing. The list is huge and almost word for word with the one James read. “But this is Firefox,” I thought! Surely they’re not up to something.

    Then I looked at Opera and it only had about 10 permissions required. That’s very strange. Any comments would be appreciated. I am a privacy freak (so I’m told), and do not want to give my life to the robots. I’ll gladly avoid some benefits if that’s the cost.


    • James Pearce

      Thanks for the feedback Robin, we did take your thoughts onboard the other week. Glad to hear it’s improved.