Time to sell the standalone camera?

For years now many have said that a phone camera will never replace a normal standalone digital camera.

However, has that now changed with the introduction of smartphones such as the Nokia 808 PureView, Samsung S4 Zoom and the 41 megapixel Lumia 1020?

Time to sell the standalone camera?

These new advanced low-light optics, huge megapixel counts, large sensors and LED or Xenon flash units help get the perfect picture. Maybe now is the time we can honestly say that yes, a smartphone can replace a digital camera.

Normally a digital camera is one of the first things I pack when going on a holiday, however I decided this time to only use a smartphone camera – the Lumia 925. I was lucky enough to spend just under a week in New York and it did a pretty good job to be honest.

Time to sell the standalone camera?

Best of all there was no separate battery to worry about charging, no memory card needed and – considering the near 40c temperatures – no need for extra bulk in my pocket.

In a time when mobile phones have 41 megapixel sensors, xenon flash units, 1080p video recording AND keep you in touch with the world, has anyone considered selling their digital camera or even gone one step further and already done so?

I have a 12 megapixel Nikon which has captured some great photos in the past, but with the Lumia 1020 being such a monster of a camera and my mobile phone, I have just finished boxing my camera up to sell on in the next few days.

Why not leave a comment below with your thoughts?

Would you sell your digital camera and just use a smartphone or are we still a while off being able to replace for your use?

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  • phil

    I have just bought a new cheapie camcorder as I need zoom and I didn’t want to waste the summer waiting for the 1020 in September
    If the Nokia was already out in the UK
    then I wouldn’t have bothered with the camcorder buy so yes I will ditch stand alone cameras if the Nokia is as good as they say it is

  • Martin

    I’m very tempted to get one of these, I’m after a new phone and a new camera, if the monthly deals are OK….I might stump up the cash. I’m interested to know what the equivilant zoom is on the 1020? The thing is I only buy mid range phones upto £200 and as much as I’d like a really nice DSLR it’ll be a compact for about £250, my current sim costs me £7pm so that would come in at £618 over 2 years, one of these even on a £35pm contract would be £840. Oh man, decisions, decisions. I do think to myself so often….’if only I had my camera with me instead of my crappy phone camera’. Will having a not crappy phone camera trump the ~£200 differnece in price between seperates and a 1020?

  • For me I had my camera boxed up and sold ever since the Nokia N82 :)

  • surethom

    Wrong digital cameras are still best for zooming more than 3x.