Shifu is your smart friend who lives in your phone

Shifu is your smart friend who lives in your phone
Shifu is an intelligent task management and todo list. Instead of just reminding you at a set time to do stuff it checks to see when you aren’t doing anything and then reminds you. The developer describes this as follows:

Shifu is your smart friend who lives in your smartphone and observes when and how you use your phone. It knows what are the important things that need your attention and when is the right time to show them to you. It’s the Sidekick you always wanted .

Which makes me wonder what permissions the app is going to need more than anything, but I’m interested still.
Shifu is your smart friend who lives in your phone

Shifu is a smart To Do & Task Management tool designed from the ground up, keeping your smartphone in mind. We believe that existing time management tools are inefficient because they require you to adjust your life to the tool rather than the tool fitting in to your life. Shifu is our attempt to change this.

Shifu is your smart friend who lives in your phone
Now down to the nitty gritty, how the time management works, it surprisingly makes quite a bit of sense.

Instead of just setting reminders like these –

– Call Sarah to wish her for her birthday at 2:30 PM on the 4th of March
– Call John at 12:30 PM tomorrow to ask for the money he owes me
– Buy new t-shirts on the 24th of March.
– Remind me to upload pictures from my weekend Party on Facebook.

The app deals with reminders like this instead –

– Call Sarah to wish her for her birthday whenever I have 10 minutes free on the 4th of March.
– Whenever I talk to John next, remind me to ask him for my money.
– Remind me to buy t-shirts the next time I visit the shopping mall.
– Upload Pictures from my weekend Party on Facebook.

Which all makes perfect sense, to help clarify matters the developer has come up with this little video to convey the idea of the app.

Shifu tracks your context and when it recognizes that you have a spare moment, it estimates the free time you have and suggests a relevant task.

By monitoring various services, logs, states and networks it can use the following systems.

• Call Reminder : Shifu scans your call log , filters out important phone calls from it and reminds you to return those when you are free .
• Birthday Reminder: Shifu connects to your facebook account and reminds you to call your friends on their birthdays and does it when you are free to make that call.
• Location Based Alerts ( Geo Fencing Alert) : You can set Task Items which will show up only when you are near a certain location. .
• Phone Call Based Alerts: You can set up alerts, which show up when you are calling someone
• Time Based : You can create tasks based on the time needed to do them .These will show up when you have that much free time .
• Network Based Alert : You can create tasks linked to Wi Fi Network .These will show up when your smartphone is connected to a specific wi fi hotspot .
• Automated Cloud Sync: All your Reminders are seamlessly synced across all your devices .
• Active Wallpaper : Quick Access to all your alerts from anywhere in your phone .

The app is currently a public beta, it’s free and you can just install it and see how it goes. It sounds awfully complicated, so I’m going to install it and try it out for a few weeks and I’ll publish a review after that.

Play Store Link – Shifu