Save on your car insurance as you drive with … an app!

Save on your car insurance as you drive with ... an app!

There I was last night, watching the second-by-second Royal baby news (short version, she’s had a boy), and an advert popped up for Aviva insurance. Nothing new there. It features Paul Whitehouse being utterly unfunny, but at least he’s not Barry Scott (BANG! And the dirt is gone!)

However, the advert was showing a new type of car insurance. Car insurance that gets cheaper depending on your style of driving.

How does Aviva find out if your driving is good? Well, there’s an app that’ll decide how good your driving is. Available for iPhone and Android it can save you up to 20% on your car insurance and works by tracking every journey you make via GPS.

You earn “skills badges” as you drive and it’ll give you more badges the further you go. After 200 miles it’ll give you a driving score, and if you get a 10 then you’re a super-safe driver and can expect to pay less. If, however, your GPS trace shows you going from Birmingham to London in one hour flat and constantly accelerating or braking hard, you’ll probably not get any discount.

Save on your car insurance as you drive with ... an app!

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  • Neil Deadman

    Not compatible with Nexus 4 apparently :(

  • rhedgehog

    46.6 miles in 3 minutes and 9 seconds? Somehow i don’t think you’d be getting any badges from Aviva for that!!

  • Martin

    Aviva aren’t that cheap to start with. I got a quote from them a couple of years back and they were over £100 dearer than the best quote I got. I’m currently with LV and being an old git only pay £240 for my Astra 1.6 which is pretty good, especially as that includes breakdown :)

  • Rudger

    I think I will give it a Miss, I don’t trust any company that would want to know my whereabouts and speeds

    it is another step closer to pay as you drive toll roads, insurance and sending your speeding fines through the post as you have incriminated yourself (well your insurance company has on your behalf)

    also my insurance is below £200 a year already :)

  • chris purdy

    Same score as me. Although the average has dropped from 6.5.

  • Ashley_E

    Insurance companies have a target market. Each one rates people differently. Im a broker and use about 80 companies. Just because aviva were 100 more for you doesnt mean they are for everyone else. I hate those sweeping statements!!! You know nothing about the industry!