The Android machine plows on and on.

The Android machine plows on and on.

7.4 million phones in 3 months.  That is 2.46 million phones a month.

The figure above details Nokia’s handset sales of Windows Phones in 3 months.  not bad going that eh!?

Now lets take the city of Birmingham in the Midlands, UK.  At the last census in 2011 the quoted population was just above 1 million people.

Now take that city and add another half to it.  Then give every man, woman and child in that city and give them an Android device and get them to activate it.  Every 24 hours.

That is the reality of what is currently happening in the Android world.  One and a half million activations every single day.

Just take a moment to consider that number!


According the the Google Q2 earnings call (which can be viewed below) there is also one other Android related figure which needs consideration.

50 billion.  That’ s the number of app downloads that have been served up by Google Play (a milestone that Apple hit back in May by the way) to the ever increasing Android fraternity.

Looking forward, with the ever growing user base of both iOS and Android it is hard to see a real way forward for other mobile operating systems besides them becoming more niche than they already appear to be.

Do Blackberry, Windows Phone or any of the other smaller new OS’s really have a chance when confronted by the behemoths that are Google and Apple and the sheer weight of numbers that they are putting out?  Without a product that blows everything else out of the water and a marketing budget the size of the Greek deficit I personally can’t see it happening.–v0k&feature=player_profilepage