Redesign iOS yourself, right here.

Redesign iOS yourself, right here.

Want to cause an argument? Want to annoy anyone using an iPhone? Just say this..

“The OS is looking a bit old now isn’t it?”

Start the car! Start the car!!

Now you can design a new and improved iOS 7 with the aid of this iOS 7 redesign toy.

Create a masterpiece like this stunning effort above and shock Apple into creating a more beautiful and polished OS, just like what we have. Move over professional designers, we’re here to sort this one out. Boom.

Moto X invites go out. The countdown begins
The Android machine plows on and on.
  • weirdstuff

    Hehe; ‘Start the car, start the car’…

  • Martin

    That is quality without a doubt, them Icons is da bomb init!

  • carstarted

    funny i dont see whats new in android phones IOS ??? must have been a big leap by them for us not to notice…or is it people are not yet on the lastest IOS ??? he he he car started