Break the seal and charge your phone

Break the seal and charge your phone
Batteries in phones are still a massive weak point in mobile phones and in Bristol they’ve started to really take the p*** with their new invention – a charger powered by urine.

It all works by using microbial fuel cells which, when peed on, produces enough charge to power a mobile phone. Now, the charger itself is pretty large at the minute and we’re not expecting a portable pee-powered-bag any time soon, rather a “smart toilet” or a smarter home is on the cards.

With a bit of tweaking, this system could be added to sanitary systems to produce energy in the future.

Scientists at the Bristol Robotics Lanoratory have stated that harnessing power from a waste product of this nature was “a world first.

Break the seal and charge your phone

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  • John Kyle

    Can you imagine how much power could be generated in JD Wetherspoon branches alone if installed in urinals!

    Bet all those statistics about under the UK being a nation of binge drinkers don’t look so bad now. We could power the world!

    Gears, are you getting the first round?