HTC One update on Three rolling

HTC One update on Three rolling



Blimey, this was quick! So HTC announced this morning that the 4.2.2 update for the HTC One was being rolled out to the UK today, and now Three have tweeted the same for their phones.

I think that’s one of the quickest updates from a carrier so far (unless their devices are unlocked of course), but whatever, should lead to some happy Three customers today.

So start pressing that Update button – just bear in mind its a rolling update today, so you might not get it immediately, but keep trying.



O2 and Vodafone are now getting in on the act! Thanks to Darren and Craig respectively for the tip-offs.

Anyone on EE, T-Mobile or Orange getting the update yet?

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  • Darren

    I have a HTC one on the O2 network and I am downloading now….

  • Bobby

    Ummm.. I think that this is a lie

    ThreeUK @ThreeUK

    We’ll be confirming when the 4.2.2 for the #HTCOne is ready for Three customers soon, it’s just in testing at the moment.

  • JP

    I’m downloading on EE now too.

  • Dean

    Nothing happening for me from EE yet

  • Matt

    I’ve been running 4.2.2 with all the bug fixes and updates to sense 5 for weeks thanks to xda.

    • chris

      How stable is the HTC One once rooted?

      • Matt

        As a rock. Don’t understand how rooting would affect stability. It never has with my on this or my previous android devices. Stability is affected more by the kernel than rooting. My rom has the htc kernel, so no issues.

        • chris

          I might look into this a bit further. This may help me find the Droid i’ve been looking for….

  • Peter Jones

    Do you think the update for Orange customers will be treated differently to EE customers?

    • Peter Jones

      Got mine last night!

  • Chris

    Have been trying to get an answer from Three UK since yesterday and still getting the run around.

    Same thing happened when I inquired about the 1.29 firmware update which I still have not had a definitive answer about.

    I have found that @ThreeUK, @ThreeUKSupport and Three UK Blog seem to be unable to communicate with HTC or each other with how different their “FACTS” are.

  • Ibrahim

    4.2.2 OTA update just arrived on my T-mobile (EE) HTC ONE!!! WOOP!

  • JoyGuru

    Updating on EE right this minute

  • DL

    How long does it take to get the update on an unlocked device?