Goodbye Google Latitude

Goodbye Google Latitude

Alongside today’s Google Maps for Android news, the company has confirmed that Latitude, its location-sharing service, will be closing from Aug. 9.

The shutdown affects Latitude in its entirety — on the web, Android, iOs, through badges and the Latitude API.

Closure affects Latitude on Android, iOS, the web and Latitude API

Google’s location-sharing focus is being shifted across to Google+, which already supports check-ins and social sharing of location data. For me I’m gutted I use Latitude a hell of a lot. Am I the only one?

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  • Gav

    Yet another fail from Google as far as I am concerned. First the Reader now this. What next?
    As a result I have decided to move from Google mail back to

  • phillip norton

    Had it deleted it never liked the Mrs knowing where I was haha

  • androidtv

    Starting to think it may be time to stop using so many Google services. I have used latitude for years. I actually used it in 2009 to track down a smartphone I have paid nearly £600 for which was stolen from my house by a “friend” at a party.

    I had a feeling who it was, and on logging in to latitude, we actually could see the movement from my house to a street right next to where he lived. I got it back with a phone call and mention of sending the police round.

    I also use it sometimes to check where I was on a certain day using the location history. Can’t believe they are just going to close it down!

  • I think this is a bad move. While reader could be argued that other technology had took over in this case there is nothing. We use it to know where members of the family are with out having to publically check in…. arguably this unique feature is a big loss

  • Troy Elliott

    I’m saddened to learn of latitude’s death also. Used it more than a lot. Especially since I’m somewhat of a Symbian diehard latitude let me keep dibs on my newfangled wife (iOS) and friends (android).

  • The problem is that Google+ location sharing doesn’t have all of the features that Latitude has. I see no mention of automatic check-ins going forward and I don’t recall seeing an easy way to get directions to someone’s current location. Plus there’s no API for Google+ location sharing, is there? So much for third party support.

  • Sean

    Myself and my family use Latitude all the time because we all work and go to different places. Always gets us into discussion of what we have been up to. RIP Latitude

  • the_prof

    Gah, well I for one use it a great deal, and I will miss it. I don’t use Google+, nor do I intend to. Latitude has proved invaluable to me a great many times. I’m using iOS ‘Find Friends’ a great deal more these days, however, which can be better in some ways, just as long as your friends and family use iOS (and most of mine do).

  • TheNig

    Google playing games yet again, one of the most useful apps out there so they close it, great!