Paper Artist is now available for Android and iOS

Paper Artist is now available for Android and iOS
Owners of recent high end Samsung devices have probably come across Paper Artist before as it has been included as a preload on a few Samsung devices over that last 6 months (the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 among others). The developers JFDP Labs had an exclusivity agreement with Samsung and it has now run its course and they are making the app available to users of all devices. Yay great news for people wanting to turn their pictures into paper drawings.
Paper Artist is now available for Android and iOS
Here is the description of the app which is now available for Android and iOS.

Paper Artist is a drawing app that lets you turn your photos into personalized works of art within seconds. Anyone can feel like an painter and create artistic looking images with minimum effort.
The app works by mixing different visual effects into one picture, you can load an image, apply a base filter and then very easily modify it with the brush and pencil tools. Everything is extremely simple to use, as the app does all the high-tech graphics processing behind the scenes.

● Choose from over 30 original artistic styles to transform your photo.
● Modify your existing photos, or use the built-in camera.
● Paint with the brush to add a splash of color and other magical effects.
● Write with the pen to add a personal message or a fun design.
● Add a frame or border for that finishing touch.
● Share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media

It looks like quite an interesting app, I’ll be installing it and seeing what it offers compared to other free image manipulation apps.

Paper Artist is available on Google Play (and iTunes) for $2.99/€2.49/£1.99

The developers have published a quick video showing off some of the features.